Premium Resources

Females In Social Media and Digital Marketing premium resources are a valuable tool for women working in business or marketing.

Our comprehensive premium resources include a variety of learning materials such as written courses, digital downloads, videos, files, and digital online tools, all designed to help women succeed in their businesses and digital marketing efforts.

Created in collaboration with founder Laura Little, over a period of 4 years they offer practical and proven strategies in our core areas of expertise.

FISDM’s core mission is to  help women, create a life they love through a  business that functions smoothly, is protected, and has room to grow. – Laura Little

Females in Social & Digital through resources and community has helped over 10,000 women globally achieve success in their businesses! How it works

How it works

There are two ways to access our Premium resources, 

  • Purchase a one-time-use resource pass to unlock any resource of your choosing once and forever. $45.00
  • Purchase an annual unlimited pass $99.00 to unlock all premium resources for the period of 1 year.

Premium Resources


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