Major YouTube Partner Program Update!

It’s big news for YouTube content creators and influencers. YouTube has recently revamped its YouTube Partner Program (YPP), slashing watch time and subscriber requirements. 

The Short Version on the YouTube Partner Program Update

  • YouTube Tier One Monetization, Partner Program Update, requires 500 Subscribers, 3 Valid public uploads, AND either 3,000 valid public watch hours or 3M Valid public Shorts views.
  • Unlock more Partner Program Features as you grow in Tiered grouping.
  • Watch the video to see the Partner Program on deck. 

What is the YouTube Partner Program?

Essentially, it’s a program designed to help content creators monetize their YouTube channels, connect with a wider audience, and access valuable resources to enhance their content creation journey.

YouTube Partner Program (YPP) now includes Expanded Monetization Options: The updated YPP opens up new avenues for monetization, giving you more flexibility to earn from your content. From ads and channel memberships to merchandise shopping, and Super Chat, there are multiple ways of monetizing channel content EARLIER. 

Community Engagement Tools: With the revamped YPP, you’ll have access to exclusive community features such as custom channel memberships, members-only posts, and live chat moderation tools.

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