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Are you an online retailer selling your products on sites such Amazon or Shopify and need a way to add creative and striking photos that you love to your online store? Are you a social media manager or brand manager stretched for time and need fast-quality images for content? Soona Studios is the solution for online brands who want to create appealing and professional photos for their products which will increase sales.

Soona Studios 

Soona Studios is a photography company specializing in product photography but what makes Soona Studios unique and innovative is that they offer their customers a way to be interactive in their shoots: clients attend the shoot either in one of Soona’s physical locations or online in a virtual product photoshoot. Soona Studios has five physical locations including Los Angeles, Seattle, Austin, Minneapolis and Denver. This way, you can give real time feedback which means Soona’s product photographers can create the shoots you love. There is no limit to what you can do. 

Booking a Shoot

The way it works is that you book an initial online meeting to discuss your requirements and so the team can get to know your particular needs. Next, ship your products and then you will either attend a product photoshoot at a physical location or a virtual shoot. Once the photos are ready, you can place an order with Soona. Prices and packages vary but as a general guide photos start at $39 per photos and $93 for videos. 

The Edge 

Soona’s services are advantageous in many ways. Not everyone has the energy, expertise  or equipment to take professional product photos which are essential for a successful online store. Customers are drawn in by the way products are presented so having quality and attractive photos is crucial. Soona Studios takes care of it for you since they are professional product photographers and have the ideas and skills to make the process easy. However, it is the collaboration between client and product photographer which makes this service distinctive. As the shoots are happening in real time you can be there to give instant feedback so you get the product photos you adore and make your business bloom. 

Lights, Camera, Action!

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