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Hey there, social media rockstar! It’s no secret that engagement metrics like saves, shares, and story views have become crucial in the past 5 years. Likes and comments are still important, but they’re not the only players on the field anymore. Wanna know how to measure and track your engagement like a pro? Our Instagram Engagement Calculator is here to give you the assist.

Trust us, knowing your engagement rate is key to putting together a winning social media strategy.

So don’t let those engagement metrics slip through your fingers – they’re the key to building an awesome relationship with your audience.

To measure your Instagram Engagement Rate simply pick a post, and enter the total likes, comments, and profile follower count. 

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Understanding your Engagement Rate (Data Source Social Insider)

  • Below Average – 0%- 0.6%

  • Average 0.6% 

  • Above Average 0.6% and above

No matter what your Instagram engagement rate is. Keep going and stay consistent in your efforts, Believe in yourself and know that setbacks are opportunities for growth. Trust the process and keep pushing forward, success is within your reach!

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