How to Become a Social Media Manager

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Find out how to become a Social Media Manager. Your questions answered.

If you’re thinking of becoming a Social Media Manager, we’re here to tell you that it’s possible and a great career choice. Whether you’re thinking of Social Media Marketing as a side hustle to make additional income, or launching it as a full-time business Social Media Marketing is here to stay. 

You might also be questioning if you need a degree in Social Media Marketing or communications to become a Social Media Marketing manager.

  • Do I need a degree in Social Media Marketing? Nope. It might be a “nice to have “but it is definitely not a “have-to-have”. You’ll find many Social Media Agency owners do NOT have degrees in social media. 

Social Media is one of those unique services where the proof is really in your experience. 

We’ve created the How to Become a Social Media Managers Guide to help you on your journey to building a business or shifting careers. 

The digital guide includes,

  • How to get the Social Media Skills you’ll need (training)
  • How to gain experience (so you can get hired)
  • How to build a portfolio and resume (without spending any money)
  • How to find Social Media Marketing Freelance Jobs and Career opportunities
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