5 Steps to Feeling Better

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Little changes equal big gains for female entrepreneurs.

If the thought of “health” makes you want to go eat a cheeseburger and drink a glass of wine then we aren’t far behind you! 

However, wait for it.. studies have found that slight adjustments to nutrition and sleep can exponentially increase productivity and mood. 

If you’re a freelancer, female founder, fellow woman in business then you know that brain output is everything to your business! Just a small increase in productivity and emotional health each week could mean big bucks and large gains for you.

Here’s our 5 top recommendations that are simple to implement, won’t break the bank, and you can start with today. 

  • Turn your phone off at bed time, move it to another room. Blue light is crazy bad for you. 
  • Drink 6-10 ounces of water plus 1/2 fresh lemon or other fruit every morning.  Lemon water is a bad ass, and works to flush the liver and keep it healthy (which supports trimming the bod) . This recommendation comes from Holistic Nutrition expert Jen Van Horn.
  • Get rid of anything that has the word “diet” in it. Diet products are full of fake sweeteners, preservatives, and colorings that only do the opposite of diet!
  • Consider replacing one of your coffees with a fresh juice! Namawell.com creators of the incredible J2 Cold Press Juicer have a variety of recipes that you can use to whip up something fresh, and delicious. You’ll feel naturally energized! We love the ABC juice!
  • Go to bed EARLY! Just one extra hour a night can do wonders for your day. 

Give these tips a try and see how you feel!

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