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Welcome to the ultimate resource for women in digital marketing. Here you’ll find learning resources, digital marketing tips, and perspectives on the digital landscape from women that live and breathe marketing. 

Women in Business Marketing

The Best Community for Women in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Resources Inside the Community,

1:1 Mentorship and business coaching with Laura Little 
Fast Support for questions on Digital Marketing
Bestselling guide on how to become a social media manager. 
Bestselling guide on how to price your freelance digital marketing services 
Exclusive jobs and digital marketing freelance opportunities 
Exclusive opportunity to sell your digital marketing services online through our sister platform

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Milk The Views Podcast

Milk The Views PodCast

Welcome to the “Milk The Views” Show 🥛👀
Get ready for the fastest talk show that dives into the world of pop culture, digital marketing, and trending news. Join us as we interview charismatic guests, and ask the questions that everyone wants to know.

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Change a Background Canva

Change a Background in Canva Canva Design Tutorial, how to replace or change a background. With Canva you can take any background on an existing design and switch it

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Align Canva Objects

Canva Hack: Evenly Space Objects

YouTube Subscribe Learn how to easily evenly space Objects in Canva, using the Canva “tidy up” tool. Evenly space and align objects or elements

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LoFi Beats 60 Minutes

Lofi Beats Playlist for Productive Work from Home Sessions

Stay focused and inspired while working from home with our ultimate Lofi Beats playlist. Featuring 10 hours of music inspired by the relaxing Lofi Girl aesthetic, this playlist is the perfect companion for any productive work session. With soothing beats, calming melodies, and a steady rhythm, our Lofi Beats playlist is the perfect background music to help you maintain your focus while working on your daily tasks. Whether you’re writing a report, studying for an exam, or just need some background music to help you concentrate, our Lofi Beats playlist is the perfect choice.

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